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walletsilver wallet made in japan

The platinum silver color shines elegantly in this silver-colored long wallet, an original Jewelry M Omotesando obsession.
The leather is made in Italy and manufactured in Japan.
It is a recommended wallet made in Japan.
With eight simple and easy-to-use card storage cases and a zipper in the center, this wallet is easy to use and has many repeat customers.
We also sell gold long wallets at Jewelry M Omotesando, which are by far the most popular, but we have also created silver-colored wallets for those who are not so fond of gold, or for those who prefer platinum silver to match their clothes, bags, and accessories, or for those who prefer their own personal style.
The premium platinum color matches well with the texture of cowhide leather. We recommend this wallet for those who want to create a sophisticated, sharp, and urban image.
Platinum silver is also said to be the color of blossoming talent in feng shui.
The color is unisex and easy to use, so it can be used by women, men, and people of all ages.
Some people use gold for regular wallets and silver for international travel.
Having both gold and silver seems like a good omen, doesn't it?
Please enjoy the power of colors.