One Year Warranty System for Peace of Mind
We offer a one-year warranty system for peace of mind, and we will repair any stones that should come off free of charge.
Our one-year warranty system is designed to ensure that you can enjoy using your jewelry with peace of mind.

We will support your jewelry purchased from our store, custom-made jewelry and customized watches.

Our expert jewelry craftsmen carefully clamp each piece of jewelry by raising the nails of the material to which it is clipped. However, some materials may have a tendency to come off.

We can also set diamonds not only in gold and platinum, but also in stainless steel and silver, which are usually considered difficult to set stones in. In order to ensure that our customers can enjoy using jewelry and watches made of any material with peace of mind, we offer a one-year warranty service in the unlikely event that stones such as melee diamonds are removed from custom-made jewelry or customized watches. (The free warranty does not apply to items that have been dropped or impacted excessively due to customer's circumstances.)

Full after-sales service
After-sales service for watches, such as resizing and new finishing after purchase.

Battery replacement for watches (free battery replacement within 1 year for watches purchased at our store).

Resizing of rings

New finishing (we will make your watch shine as it was when you bought it, even though it gets scratches and stains from daily use and sebum without you noticing).

Chain repair, length and clasp repair

○ Cleaning

 We want our customers to enjoy and cherish their precious jewelry forever.
We offer reliable and affordable repairs and support.