Leave it to JewelryM Omotesando for custom-made engagement rings.

There is a big difference between "knowing" and "not knowing. We will show you the surprising price of diamonds and why we can make a ring exactly as you wish.

We will show you the reason why we can create a ring exactly as you wish.

For example, here is the same 1ct diamond.

If you have the same grade, size, size, and similar design,

Brand A Company 3,800,000 yen

Brand B Company 4,300,000 yen

Jewelry M Omotesando 1,200,000 yen

If you choose jewelry, be smart and choose a good one at a surprisingly pleasant price.

【Why JewelryM?】

Jewelry offerings without advertising costs

Thanks to the word of mouth of our satisfied customers, we are able to offer jewelry with very little advertising costs, which allows us to offer quality diamonds at reasonable prices.

JewelryM's Confident Diamond Prices

Our many years of experience and unique procurement channels enable us to provide high quality diamonds at reasonable prices.

Skilled craftsmen can carefully design exactly what you want.

We can create handmade rings by skilled and experienced craftsmen who will give shape to your photos and images, and create a design of your choice from brand photos and magazine photos.

【How to choose jewelry wisely?】

A proposal ring is an important and expensive once-in-a-lifetime item. So you want to be ultimately wise, safe and satisfied with your purchase! So, we have compiled a list of important points to keep in mind when purchasing a diamond ring! Here is a summary of the most important points to keep in mind. Diamonds vary widely in price according to size, weight, and quality. The price is determined by the 4C's: weight, cut, clarity, and color (carat, cut, clarity, and color). It is common to see celebrities on television smiling and saying, "I received a ring with a carat weight of 1,000 carats! What is carat? What is a carat? Many of you may be wondering...in short, it is the weight of the ring! To be more precise, 1 carat is 0.2g. Carat (also known as carat or carat) is often used when talking about diamonds. And the same 1 carat can cost from several hundred thousand yen to several million yen. We will judge it by the 4Cs.

There is a useful certificate of authenticity that says it is of this grade or rank. When buying an engagement ring, it is important to know where the certificate of authenticity is issued. There are three institutions that are recognized in the industry as reliable: the Central Gemological Laboratory (CGL), GIA, and AGT. What? Aren't all appraisal certificates the same? There are actually many places that can appraise diamonds. For example, even if three companies that are regarded as reliable in the industry stamp the same diamond with an excellent grade, it is often the case that one company has the best grade for the same diamond. If you find a diamond somewhere that is of good size and rank, and has the best rank, but is very inexpensive, ask to see the certificate of authenticity. We often hear that the diamonds are of a normal rank, but the appraisal is not very good. Of course, all diamonds used in our engagement rings are certified by either the Central Gemological Laboratory, GIA, or AGT, so you can be confident in the quality and price of the diamonds you choose.

If you have time before handing over the ring, we recommend that you visit department stores and jewelry stores to see the designs, diamond sizes, grades, and prices of your favorite brands. There are so many different designs, grades, and prices for the same diamond. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation as we would like to help you choose a precious gift with the design you desire with reliable quality and custom-made.