Popular and fashionable star-shaped Niko luxury diamond pendant.


Luxury Nico Chan Diamond HAPPY Pendant
Luxurious luxury pendant head with an abundance of diamonds

ヘキサグラム ファッションジュエリー おしゃれに開運 ダイヤモンド 六芒星 K18ダイヤモンド六芒製ニコちゃんシャイニングスターペンダント
女優の川口春奈さん俳優の市原隼人さん愛用、着用のジュエリーk18ダイヤモンドスターCertificate of Appreciation from the two winners of the Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award (IJT).

WG Smiley Shining Star Diamond Pendant Head, favorite of actress Haruna Kawaguchi
Smiley Shining Star pendant head, favorite of actor Hayato Ichihara

Fashionable Item☆
Fashionable Jewelry from Omotesando

Omotesando is a fashion town attracting worldwide attention.
Fashionable pendant head was born at Jewelry M Omotesando, located in Omotesando, Harajuku, where the world's fashion masters gather.
Thanks to its popularity by word of mouth, this fashion jewelry has become a favorite of many fashionistas, models, actors, and actresses.
We recommend this popular pendant head using high quality, high grade, high quality natural diamonds.
Each diamond is carefully embedded by craftsmen in this made in Japan product.
The unisex design makes this item suitable for both men and women.

六芒星 スターペンダント こちゃん

☆The Hidden Power of Hexagram☆
Hidden star power

This hexagonal star has one more dot than the usual ☆☆☆☆ star. Herein lies a hidden secret!
The power of this hexagonal star is revered all over the world. It is considered a sacred sign by the Jews and was even used as a magic circle in medieval Europe.
In fact, in Japan, it has been used as a powerful charm against evil since ancient times! The famous stone lantern at Ise Jingu Shrine has a hexagonal star engraved on it.
This star motif, consisting of six dots, is called a hexagram, and when an equilateral triangle (△) and an inverted triangle (▽) are superimposed, this hexagram is formed.
It is said that this hexagram, which combines two opposites such as "equilateral triangle △ is male" and "inverted triangle △ is female," or "body and spirit" or "heaven and earth," means "perfect harmony.
The number "6" symbolizes "blessings of God and Buddha," "the sixth sense," and "blessings of heaven.
It is said to be a guardian number that helps you sharpen your sixth sense, seize rare opportunities, and show unexpected strength of luck! It is also considered to be the number of "love" and "harmony" in the Kabbalah Secret Numbers.
It is highly recommended as a fashion item, but many people also wear it as a good-luck charm. It is more than killing two birds with one stone to have the meaning of fashion and good luck!

☆How to get the Power Let's learn it.☆
It is said that the best way to own this hidden power is to wear it, and the use of materials that maximize the effect of the hexagram and natural diamonds further amplify the power of the hexagram. One that will give a powerful boost to your luck☆.
You can choose from K18 or PT.
The popular Hexagram diamond NIKO-CHAN® in K18 or PT is a dazzling diamond that sparkles with brilliance.
The hexagram is a famous sacred geometry with power and geometry, and the smiling face of Niko-chan is set within the hexagram, with sparkling diamonds and a smile.
The result is an item of fashion, quality, and happiness.
Diamonds, which are said to be the closest to the high energy of Adamantai particles, sparkle.
All of the diamonds are made of natural diamonds. Enjoy the luxury of wearing the genuine brilliance of natural diamonds and the story of the motifs.
The power of diamonds is said to be immense in Feng Shui and power stones, and diamonds have always been loved and cherished around the world.

This Nico Chan Fashionable Diamond Opening Pendant Diamond Smile Star is an original, high quality jewelry, handmade by craftsmen of Jewelry M Omotesando with diamonds embedded one by one.
This star-shaped Nico is fashionable and cute and well-received by women, but at the same time, it is also well-received by men for its cool sparkle covered with diamonds.
This luxurious pendant is made of platinum and K18 (18k gold) materials.

ダイヤモンド ヘキサグラム ペンダント ダイヤ