K18 Blue Topaz Eye Ring

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Material K18YG


Blue topaz

Eye ring with baby pearls

The eye motif is often seen

The eye motif is often seen on rings worn by international artists.

It is said to be effective in warding off evil, and for good reason.

Although not so common in Japan, there is an old saying in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region of Europe that bad things happen to people who are exposed to the gaze of envy.

Why does the gaze of envy bring bad luck?

Originally, the eye was meant to be a window to the world, so it is believed that all of a person's good and bad thoughts go out through this window, and that there is a curse on the eye where bad thoughts are released. The amulet for this eye is used to protect against the curse.

Eye Catchy pop design ring

It is also a talisman that protects against negative energy.

We create each ring from scratch according to the customer's order.

It takes about one month from the time of your order.