Would you like to discover a new you?
By learning about your current state and situation
We will help you to reevaluate your current self and make you shine even brighter!
Shooting Flow

First, sit comfortably in a chair;

second, take a picture with a camera;

third, measure your aura with a biosensor;

fourth, take a picture with a camera;

fifth, take a picture with a biosensor!

Your own body will tell us about your current situation and condition.

You will receive your ultimate self-description, which is a full report of about 30 pages, from the color of your aura and the state of your chakras, yin-yang balance to the size of your aura.

Fee Guide

▼Mini-Report (time required: approx. 5 min.) 2 pages ¥1,500

▼Full Report (Ultimate Self Description) approx. 30 pages ¥4,500

You can visualize and see the balance of your body, mind and spirit. As a tool for you to look at yourself again and become an even brighter you while viewing your aura and chakras! The full report is easy to understand with detailed explanations and advice! The full report is very popular with our clients.

Visualize from the color of your aura to the balance of yin and yang, mind-body-spirit, chakras, and energy levels. You can see your color easily and quickly, just like taking a picture. You will be amazed at how accurate it is with an entertaining sensation! Aura Photography is very popular! Why don't you check your current color?


The photo will be taken in the Jewelry M Omotesando store. Please call to make a reservation. Same-day appointments are also available.

tel: 03-3499-6668

【Aura photography, on-site service】

How about aura photography for your event or party?

Please feel free to contact us for suggestions tailored to your needs.

Event Example 1

After diagnosing the color of customers at a fashion event

by aura photo (about 2 minutes), cocktails and finger foods that match their aura color are served.

Event Example 2

Analyze and propose herb tea suitable for customers at events such as cafes, restaurants, and herb tea stores based on aura diagnosis.

Event Example 3

Introduce aura diagnosis, hand pressure points, aroma oil, nail color, etc. according to the condition at events at nail salons, spas, and various relaxation stores.

in addition

Reports that apply to various fields such as Ayurveda, aromatherapy, cocktails, color therapy, jewelry, nails, flower essences, power stones, hand reflexology, foot reflexology, flower therapy, fruit therapy, body therapy, macrobiotics, yoga,

and ingredients We also provide Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take?

A. The taking of pictures takes about 1 to 2 minutes. During this time, we can determine the state of your aura, your lucky colors, and items that match your aura. The printing time depends on the number of prints, but for events, a single photo with an easy-to-understand explanation is in high demand, as many people enjoy it.

Q.What color aura do you prefer?

A. Every color has its own meaning and personality. There is no one color that is the best, but each color has both good and bad aspects. By looking at yourself objectively from various aspects, you can discover a new side of yourself.

Q.How do you know the color of the aura?

A. The human body is electrically powered, and when we do something, electrical signals are transmitted to the nerves and muscles of the body. For example, when you play rock-paper-scissors, your brain sends an electrical signal to your body to tell it to "goo" (gooe)! the signal "goo" is transmitted from the brain to the body via electrical signals. In this way, the body can be understood by the state of electricity flowing through the body. We can draw an electrocardiogram from the electrical signals of the brain, called EEG, and the electrical signals produced by the movement of the heart. Our aura photographer uses the same mechanism. The electrical signals emitted by the body are output as aura colors to measure the state of the body and mind.

Q. What kind of system is that?

A. The Aura Color system was created based on the principles, laws, and research of mind-body, human energy, color psychology, and biofeedback (biological self-regulation).